L.I.F.E. - Living in freedom everyday

There are strategic areas of the soul, where our enemy, satan, attempts to oppress us and put us in bondage. During the L.I.F.E. classes, each area will be represented through teaching and prayer. Jesus said, “the truth shall make you free”, so during each teaching, let the truth of God land in your spirit and allow the word of God to penetrate deep into your heart.


how it works

The L.I.F.E (Living In Freedom Everyday) Class meets for twelve weeks and ends with a Friday evening and all day Saturday wrap up session. We marinate in the truth of God’s Word during the twelve weeks and apply those truths to our lives. Each participant will have the opportunity to examine their life and measure it against God’s Word. We explore the things that are keeping us from an intimate walk with God and learn the tools for removing these barriers.


The Friday-Saturday wrap up is a time to break free of the barriers and celebrate the victories that we have in Christ.