welcome to fountain of life!

I’ve been blessed to be the Pastor of Fountain of Life for 9 years. It’s a great community of down-to-earth people just trying to figure out the challenges of life and get plugged into God’s vision for His kingdom on Earth.

You’ll hear two words a lot at Fountain of Life: relational discipleship. We think these two words are central to our faith and how we express it. First, we believe Christ has called us to be disciples, and that means more than just showing up for an hour on Sunday morning. In every area of our lives we want to pursue God’s wisdom and live the life He truly intended for us. Sometimes this is a real challenge, and we believe the best way to address that challenge is through authentic relationships. We go deep. We ask the tough questions. We encourage. We pray for, support, and love each other. We truly believe this is God’s heart for the church.

The best way to see what we’re about is to come to a Sunday morning service. Bring the kids along; we’ve got opportunities for them too! On the second Sunday of each month, we also host "Coffee with the Pastor,” where you can ask me questions about Fountain of Life and what we do as a church. While you're visiting our website, feel free to listen to a message or check out more information about our ministries and any upcoming events.

When you’re ready to dive a little deeper into relationships and discipleship, you can join one of our Life Groups. We have three sessions throughout the year and have groups for men, women, and young adults.

I’m looking forward to meeting you!

Pastor John Cross